Easy Article Engagement Tracking

  • 20 January 2022
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Hey there, 

Looking for some guidance with tracking the impact of content in Community. For example, right now if you create an article you can see how many views it has had and how many comments individually, but I am not seeing an easy way to keep track of this info and/or export it to have it available to compare or A/B test. I’ve been manually tracking in a spreadsheet, but curious if others have ideas, or if this is a feature request.



3 replies

@cstrange Did you by chance learn anything on this topic? I have the same question. 

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Hi @cstrange and @allison_able 


Thank you for opening the topic, albeit a long time ago.

There are two ways to see how many views a piece of content has. There is the content dashboard export raw data. This gives you the views in the time period.

Then there is the Topic export which gives you total views.

With the absence of trends for views, what we can do is get an idea of liveliness of the content, much like aliveness of categories.

See here.

By viewing the views per day we can see if there was indeed need or interest in the topic.


From the exported data I add a column and divide total views by the number of days between today and day of publish.


I would love to connect and see what you are reporting on and how you are manipulating the dat you get from our platform.


Hi @Alistair FIeld

I am trying to compare viewership on a post before and after taking an action. For example, for post A, I want to know how many views it had the month before I had it featured in a category so I can compare with the month after it is featured. I basically want to determine the impact of having a post featured in a category. 

The problem I am facing is when I go to export the data, I am not understanding how I can do that within a timeframe. If I go to export > posts/topics > and put in the specific timeframe, it will only show me the posts/topics that were created during that time. I want to be able to see all posts/topics in the community and the viewership for that timeframe. 

Do you have a suggestion for this use case? Right now I am documenting the views for the post in a spreadsheet and then looking at the post a month later to compare. I don’t have a way to look at the month prior to posting it as a featured post in a category.