Follow members that have not engaged or show up in leaderboard

  • 8 September 2022
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Some of our account managers would like to follow members that have not yet engaged and does not show up in the leaderboard - is there a way to find them? 

3 replies

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Hi @Anitahg, what do you mean by follow, exactly? Do you mean to identify and track these users in Control, or have your account managers follow the user in Destination?

To be clear on not having engaged yet, do you mean that basically, these unengaged users have zero points?

Hi @Sebastian they would like to follow them front end so that when they do post, they will be notified. Hope that clarifies? 

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Hey @Anitahg,

This would be possible using the Engagement Dashboard on the Analytics section. You can see which customers (which here are defined with custom roles) are active by looking at their number of posts and you can also see the inactive ones.



Although you can’t get the users from that page, you can check those non-engaged users on your User Overview.

Another option would be using the User Overview filters - for example, you can use this filter:

Or you can also some other filters such as the Last Activity, Last Login.

If this doesn’t help feel free to submit a ticket and I can send you some screenshots with more details from your dashboard.