How do we reinvent our Community in 2024?

  • 17 January 2024
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@anirbandutta and I want to invite you a webinar called ‘How to Reinvent our Community in 2024’ and explore creative discovery of the next frontier of our Communities, together on January 24, 9am PST.

We’ll be talking about:

  • What are some of the short and mid term things we could do? Or even try to break down the long term goals into achievable modules?
  • And do we adapt ourselves toward achieving them?

Lets lift the lid off some of those possibilities on the webinar. See you there.




4 replies

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@Cori from Slido @alexpal Wanted to share this upcoming webinar from our Community as you are thinking about re-vamping your Community! 🙂 We recently merged our CC (formerly Digital Hub) community into Gainsight’s Gamechanger community. This may be helpful and inspirational as you think about your community in 2024~ 

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Thanks for the awesome engagement during the session @genells .

Which are the areas of your Community you would be looking to explore/expand this year? :)

Btw, have you heard Rich Millington’s talk from Pulse Europe 2023?

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@anirbandutta @Aman great webinar! @Johnk and I came out with a lot of great intel we plan to use in this new year.


I’d have to say my favorite part of the webinar was the discussions surrounding Business Process Outcomes. The amount of help the Business Outcome template your team shared has already been such a game changer for us as it gives our internal teams clear expectations on where and how community can help them reach their goals. 


Thanks again for an insightful webinar. 🌠