How to get everyone's eyes on the most essential information?

  • 12 July 2021
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Hello helpful community! 

Q: What methods do you use to reach all your users with the most important information?

Scenario/context: Every two weeks we want to send to all of our community members essential takeaways and tidbits from the community. Obviously the best example would be a feature within the community but I’m wondering if anyone take content and shares it through other platforms like mailing lists or newsletters? If so, what information have your users found most helpful and how to reach all the users?

thank you!

3 replies


Howdy @lovetolearn123 !

Unfortunately, there’s no built-in feature which can send out bulk emails like this. inSided did try to create one a while ago, but it didn’t work very well and was shelved for the foreseeable future. It might return someday, but it’s unlikely to happen anytime soon. However, you can always use integrations and a few other tricks to send such emails out. :)

I’m only a user myself and I don’t have ModPowers anywhere, but no doubt a few other members here will have some thoughts from the perspective of moderators and community managers. But yep, promoting your content across all of your platforms can definitely be very helpful!

For me, one of the strategies I’ve found most useful is simply creating absolutely brilliant content on-platform. If it’s relevant, helpful and relates to what your users are looking for, there’s a very good chance it’ll get noticed. SEO is your friend here and in some cases… Luck! One of my own guides at my home base has already racked up over 7,000 views since March this year and consistently gets an average #2 ranking for pretty much all relevant search queries on Google. The main things which made it so visible are the fact the SEO on my home base is already seriously strong anyway combined with the fact that it meets the user exactly where they need it. That thread is basically the most viewed one of the lot as a result. No other special sauce has been used other than the moderators linking to it from a couple of other threads. Google just happens to take to it very nicely.

As a user, there’s not much else I can do to promote my content as such, other than having a moderator tag it appropriately and convert it to blogs/FAQs/Guides etc for the relevant threads. But what I can say is that making use of the tools on-platform can help - especially the ability to highlight topics. You can even have topic hub threads where a single thread has a collection of links to a whole bunch of related threads for quick access too. :wink:

I choose you, @Blastoise186 ! You are a treasure to the insided community :grinning:  

sincere thanks for taking the time to type all this out. It’s incredibly helpful. I’m going to look at a few integrations that might make this possible. With nods to GDPR I’d like to blast everyone at one so maybe I’ll take the newsletter off platform. 

Thanks again for the help


No worries! I believe inSided has a few direct integrations with some platforms that can send out emails, but if not you can always consider going via either with some magic tricks through Zapier, or with some of your other systems that you’ve probably already got in place anyway.

It would be pretty neat if inSided managed to pull off a built-in solution but unfortunately sending out bulk emails is nowhere near as easy as it sounds! You can’t just spin up a server, throw in a message, feed a list of recipients and hit go. It’s a lot more complicated than that! Not least because you’ve got to deal with SPF, DMARC, DKIM, Bulk Senders Guidelines, Anti-Spam protection and a ton more.

I’ve got experience with handling these things because I do web design and hosting stuff with a friend and I also manage the Google Workspace for Nonprofits instance for a charity I’m part of. But yeah, it’s a minefield that can really badly backfire if you go wrong - and it can even destroy your domains ability to send emails if you go really badly wrong. It’s for this reason that I generally recommend spinning up a dedicated domain for sending out bulk emails that’s independent of your main one. That way, if the sender reputation for your bulk email sending domain gets completely shredded, at least it won’t damage your primary one!

I’m tempted to write a bit of a guide on some of these things one of these days...