inSided Community Success Cohort Program 🚀

  • 17 October 2022
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inSided Community Success Cohort Program 🚀
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inSided Community Success Cohort Program


We are pleased to announce the inSided Community Success Program.


The mission of the program is to bring together like minded inSided customers and create a cohort to share experience, challenges and successes, to help each other achieve positive business outcomes. 

Below you will find a few details about the program.



Monthly inSided driven sessions to advance you on your Community Journey.

  • Session 1 - Community Use Cases and Goal Setting

    • In this first session, the inSided team will introduce the most common community use cases and share the factors that are most important to take into account as you plan your community program.

    • We will then have an introduction for all cohort members to share where they have come from and where they want to go with their programs.

    • You will get inspiration from other members, and also be able to ask questions, assist and advise each other.

  • Session 2 - Analytics, Reporting and Community Health

    • In this second session we will review the KPIs and metrics needed to track performance and measure the value of your community. 

    • Cohort members will be able to share and discuss how they are thinking about metrics and value.

  • Month 3 - Advanced Moderation and Curation

    • In this session we will review the best practices for ongoing moderation and content curation, including tips for taking maximum advantage of the features in the control environment .

    • Cohort members will be able to share and discuss the processes and workflows they have in mind for the management of their communities.

  • Month 4 - Engagement Strategies (Superuser Programs, Gamification)

    • In this session we will dive into the strategies and tactics that are most effective for driving ongoing engagement.

    • Cohort members will get the chance to share and discuss their progress, plans and challenges around increasing community engagement with gamification, advocacy programs and moderation.

  • Month 5 - Open Session and Guest Speaker 

    • We will organize this session based on the in-demand topics from our cohort

  • Month 6 - Strategy presentation and Closing

Delivery Method

Cohort facilitators from the inSided team will present on each topic and then facilitate a discussion involving all Cohort members.

The material presented and discussed will be shared via a private Cohort group, along with recordings from the sessions.

As Cohort members, you will be able to network and discuss outside the organized sessions within the private group on inSpired.



Currently we plan to start cohorts on a Quarterly basis from the most recently launched inSided communities.

We will take into consideration the response and interest. If there are sufficient numbers we will consider further cohorts as needed.


What is the time commitment?

You can expect to spend about 1.5 - 2 hours per month on live peer group sessions. The more time you spend engaging with the Group, the more you will likely get out of the program.

Most live sessions take place in the range of 3pm - 6pm CET (9am - 12pm Eastern Time US).

EDIT : As of March 22 2023 the Program is at capacity and no further cohorts are planned. 






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I’m interested!

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I’m interested, as well! @Alistair FIeld 👋🏼

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I am interested as well :)


My team and I are interested. 


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Good Morning All!!

This Cohort Program has been well sought after and we have many of you on the list for participation. 📝

Unfortunately due to staffing limitations we have to hold off on starting new cohorts for the moment. ⛔️


I am looking into to creating a virtual on demand version of the material as an interim to continue the good work thus far. 💻

This topic and registration to cohorts is now closed!


Thank you all for you interest and patience.