Rank structure that include rewards for completed courses in LMS

  • 12 January 2023
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Hi all,


We’re trying to come up with a rank system that: 

  1. For some users also include points awarded for completed training courses in our LMS (SkillJar).
  2. There will also be users that will not complete any training courses that can still climb the rank system due to community engagement only. 

Anyone with the experience on the above, and would you know if there is a way for us to build out separate rank paths, such as one for customers and one for partners, where the requirements to climb ranks and receive badges differ?



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You should be able to create a solution to accomplish your goal.

  1. Skilljar’s API should give give you user records on course completions (I think; we’re writing some type of progress from Skilljar to Salesforce.)
  2. Set up a Zapier trigger based on the criteria for passing the course(s)
    1. Assign custom user roles as the way to track those who meet the criteria
  3. Set up ranks that identify the criteria based on those User Roles. 

Most of our ranks are tied to certifications through our Academy (Skilljar is also our LMS, but certification exams use a difference service.) Still, we follow a similar process. When they pass the exam, it assigns a custom role. The custom role triggers the rank (with a rebuild or I believe the next time that user logs in). 

While not the same use case, we have another version of this in our community. When users complete a few fundamental courses, it triggers custom roles.

  • For some, we also award a badge. 
  • For some, it’s just a way to track reporting / personas / make segments. 
  • For some, we may look to do customized user journeys that show/hide certain widgets on the home page using CSS (or hopefully future enhancements to show who sees what.)

Thank you @DannyPancratz, super useful!