Surfacing inSided content in Zendesk via Zendesk federated search (Search Crawler

  • 10 August 2022
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Hi everyone! I’m hoping this gets some visibility as it can get confusing when differentiating between inSided’s productized Zendesk federated search functionality and Zendesk’s federated search functionality in their own platform.


I’m looking to speak to someone who has successfully integrated their community content on inSided using Zendesk’s Federated Search and search crawler. We’ve tried implementing this using inSided’s XML Sitemap, but this only returns a handful of what I’d consider “parent pages” for our community, and doesn’t provide a full index of all pages in our community (including every post, article, etc.). Zendesk’s search crawler doesn’t currently support RSS feeds, so that currently isn’t an option either. 


Does anyone have experience doing this? Any tips and advice would be much appreciated.


Thanks in advance!

4 replies

Hi @adam.ballhaussen! Are you wanting your community content (knowledge base, forum posts, etc.) to appear in your Zendesk help center when a customer does a search? I am trying to figure this out as well and just came across your post.


@michellef yes that’s exactly right! Have you discussed the search crawler with the Zendesk team at all?

I haven’t @adam.ballhaussen. I’ll get in touch with them and will keep you in the loop if I gather any helpful info.

I’m following this! We are interested in doing the same thing and interested to connect with anyone who has done this.