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If you do not know how to use Generative AI, you are really missing on something big!


How much do you agree with me on the above statement? - I do believe AI can empower admins workflows, optimise CSMs workflows and AI integrated product + Digital Customer Success can do wonders!


If you were are Pulse 2023, you might be aware of some of the cool AI driven features that Gainsight will be having in the near future

“What’s the one thing that you want AI to do for you in Gainsight?”


Note: This is a post-webinar discussion thread. During Crank Up Technicalities webinar we posted this question and asked folks to share thoughts over here.

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I would want AI to tell me or maybe even manage somehow rules and or other configurations that are duplicates or whose actions can be managed from the same rule setup. Right now because of different admins, turnover, etc. we have a lot of rules, reports, data designers that either do the same thing or have the same rule setup but different actions. It would be nice if those were automatically identified and optimized so instead of 3 rules it’s 1 rule with the same action. Right now I spend a lot of time in analyzer trying to identify these things manually but seems like something AI could do. 

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Also email templates, it would be nice to plug in your branding colors, logos, approved graphics and have some AI generated emails and templates for standard lifecycle journey phases etc.