Can a Rule pull specific survey answers and put that in a field in Salesforce?

  • 15 September 2016
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We need to write a rule that allows you to grab a NPS survey response to update a field in Salesforce. Can a Rule pull specific survey answers? How do you pull answers from a survey in the Rules Engine.

Example - If they gave us a 9-10, we could have a “Became Advocate Date” on X date. We need the date to create a PowerList, but that is another question. 

3 replies

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You will be able to do this by using a rule. Follow this tutorial and instead of CTA actions use one of the load to Actions. See here to learn about load to SFDC objects
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Howdy.  I'm working with Ray to try and make this work.

To be more specific with the original question, can we use the Rules Engine to Load to the [i]Contact object?  We basically want to have a Rule that, based on specific responses in an NPS survey, will write a date to a field on the Contact who submitted the survey.

I don't see where the NPSSurvey Response::Created By ID or another field could be tied to a specific Contact.  Are we missing something or maybe on the wrong track?
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Hey Andy, 

You should be using the Survey Participant --> Contact to get the contact ID and then use that. You have to create a dataspace with NPS Survey Response and Survey Participant to get this done.