Circles of Success - Pulse 2017 - Customer Experience & Voice of the Customer

During Pulse 2017 the Gainsight Client Outcomes Team organized a Circles of Success & Birds of a Feather Program, featuring group discussions for Gainsight customers focused on key topics and challenges. We had such engagement from our customers we wanted to keep the conversation going on Community.

One of the topics we discussed was Customer Experience & Voice of the Customer. Here are a few of the questions that we discussed:

  1. How to relay the voice of the customer to the organization to drive organizational change.

  2. How can the CSM be a better advocate for the customer?

  3. What types of programs are companies implementing to improve the customer experience or take it to the next level?

  4. Where does CX and VoC live in other companies?

  5. Is there a dedicated resource or is it shared across many team members as a "side job"

  6. What creative things have other companies implemented to enhance customer journeys

  7. How do you quantify feedback from VoC?

  8. What tools do you use for creating visuals of customer journeys and lifecycles?

  9. How do other companies gather that customer input, and what processes do they use internally to absorb it and create resources on it?

Please share your best practices on this thread to keep the conversation going (include the specific question in your post). Please also follow this thread if you're interested in additional Circles of Success activities related to Customer Experience & Voice of the Customer. 

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