Circles of Success - Pulse 2017 - Health Scores

During Pulse 2017 the Gainsight Client Outcomes Team organized a Circles of Success & Birds of a Feather Program, featuring group discussions for Gainsight customers focused on key topics and challenges. We had such engagement from our customers we wanted to keep the conversation going on Community.

One of the topics we discussed was Health Scores. Here are a few of the questions that we discussed:

  1. What health scores have worked best for different organizations? Do you see trends based on the industry?

  2. How do you divide your customer base to ensure that the parameters around your health scores are relevant to them?

  3. How are customers creating health scores across multiple product offerings?

  4. How do you report on health scores?

  5. How to approach a customer with a low health score (full transparency or some sugar coating)?

  6. How do you measure impact of activities?
Please share your best practices on this thread to keep the conversation going (include the specific question in your post). Please also follow this thread if you're interested in additional Circles of Success activities related to Health Scores

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