Create internal survey (NPS) submission for contacts who only wrote back with an email response...

  • 16 October 2017
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I'm looking for best practices around internal NPS submissions for receiving feedback from a contact via email only where they didn't actually complete the survey. The internal question option is great, especially now since we can go back and retroactively add in additional feedback received from email or other conversations [i]for that particular survey response.

On a couple occasions we have received only this written feedback due to the survey link not working (usually a cache issue we found after testing). 

  • Do you complete the full survey on their behalf?
  • Since the NPS question is required, do you make an educated guess on this rating (I don't think this is appropriate)?
  • Do you create a cloned survey for these comments, mainly for storing the data?

Your thoughts are appreciated!

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Hi Jake,

Thanks for sharing this use case.

We have customers who use the survey internal submission use case to submit responses on behalf of their customers.

We do not allow NPS question to be submitted internally by the CSM yet and have not heard of this use case but will definitely consider if we have more use cases along these lines.


Abhishek S