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  • 10 January 2020
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Happy New Year !

I hope you had a wonderful holiday season with family and friends and trying to get back into the swing of things.

We are planning to send the “2019 Annual Client Satisfaction Survey” in late January and we wanted to reach out for suggestions on the following:

We have an engagement and incentive platform with reporting and analytics on the backend that is sent to our clients. What wording is used to get at specifically satisfaction or dissatisfaction with customer reporting and analytics that speak to activities and outcomes around products our clients purchased. Essentially, we want to know our clients level of satisfaction with our reports and the analytics we provide on their specific accounts/data. We are not interested in the actual results or outcomes of those reports or analytics, but the design/components/layout/frequency/look/value/elements included in our reporting and analytics.


Hope this makes sense!

We appreciate any suggestions you may have.


Thank you in advance, 


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Hi Jasmine! 

Thanks for bringing this question to the Community. I’m curious to hear other’s thoughts as well!

I was wondering if you’ve considered a matrix question type (doc here) which would allow you to list the various aspects of analytics down the left side, with a scale along the top to rate their usefulness or satisfaction.

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@jaw did you get a chance view @lila_meyer comments.


Hi @sai_ram ! Thanks for the follow-up 🙂. Yes, I did view @lila_meyer  comments. I found the documentation resource helpful but I think we are looking for specific wording on how to ask our clients their satisfaction level with reporting and analytics we provide. I am planning to discuss this with our CSM. 




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@jaw Hope you are doing great! Did you get a chance to discuss this with your CSM? Please let us know if you need any help here.


Hey @sai_ram , thank you I’m doing well. I hope you’re doing well too during these challenging times. No, I haven’t had a chance to discuss this with my CSM but hopefully soon. Thanks again for checking in !