CSM Barriers to "Living" in Gainsight

  • 16 February 2017
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Some CSMs spend only a small part of their day in Gainsight. Others spend their entire day in Gainsight.

We're curious to hear how we could move the needle towards CSMs spending more time in Gainsight. If you are a CSM who only spends a small part of your day in Gainsight, what are the barriers to increasing product usage?

4 replies

In our case it is:

- CSM's used to work with SFDC and find it easier.

- Doing things in SFDC is faster.

- Users can create custom view and reports on their own.
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  • Ability to create reports on their own (some export excel of MDA Data and create graphs through excel)
  • Many customer communications through email which pulls them out of Gainsight
  • Meeting invites done through Outlook making adding them to Gainsight more manual
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Lots of what's already been mentioned resonates with me, plus a few Cockpit thoughts:

  • Recording a to-do as a Gainsight CTA takes many more clicks than dropping it into Evernote, which makes it hard to rapidly create many to-dos, or quickly go back and edit one from a minute ago, etc.
  • CSMs can 'get by' with a more haphazard checklist than Cockpit, so why should they put in the effort to configure useful Cockpit Views, Snooze CTAs that should be put off, move due dates when they're overdue by a bit, etc.? If they miss a to-do, their world doesn't come crumbling down -- it's just slightly more risky that a customer becomes less satisfied. So they let lots of things slip a little, and then everything's behind, and then what's the point in putting in the effort to cleaning everything up?
And, much easier to manage tasks in OneNote / Excel. Working with Cockpit is too cumbersome.