CSM on a Leave of Absence

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One of the CSMs on my team is going on a leave of absence as they welcome a new member to their family. They won’t be working during that time and another CSM will be taking over working with the companies. 

Are there any best practices around having one CSM take over another's companies for a month or two? Does Gainsight offer any tools to help with this? We want to ensure data integrity and that anyone who looks at our instance knows who’s managing which companies.

Thank you for all your help Community!


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Hi Leland, Thanks for posting a great question! I’m sure the community will have helpful advice. I can point you to a few useful features, including the Cockpit calendar view which might be helpful for your colleague to look at what’s coming due during their leave and re-assign as needed. An Admin could also use the Mass Edit tool to re-assign CTAs, Tasks, and Success Plans to someone else. And of course, Timeline is a great tool to help someone get up to speed quickly on the customer history. I also checked with our CS team internally, and if someone is going to be out for more than a few weeks, we recommend formally re-assigning the accounts in Gainsight, so that reports and alerts are accurate; and then you can make the switch back when the colleague returns. 

Hello @lila_meyer 

We don’t have Cockpit calendar view in GainsightNXT version, right?



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That’s correct, @ilaydaonbilgin