CTA for identifying low customer engagement?

  • 19 July 2016
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How do I write a CTA that is triggered when we haven’t had any meaningful communication with a client in x number of days?

2 replies

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Hi Courtney,

How are you capturing these client interactions in Gainsight? Perhaps as Milestones or CTAs? 

It's possible to write a rule to check for absence of data in a certain date range. For example, we could write a rule on Milestones, and then filter for records of a particular type (that counts as an interaction) within the last 30 days. We could then turn the following switch on to include accounts that don't meet the criteria:

When setting up the rule action to create CTAs, just check the box shown below to ensure CTAs are created for only those Accounts that didn't have any Milestone of the right type created in the last 30 days:

Some customers also store the last interaction date at the CustomerInfo level, and then act on that being x days before the rule date.


Thank you Manu! We are just starting to actively use Gainsight so we are developing our CTAs. Sounds like a good idea to write new CTAs off of the particular CTAs that include significant activity within a time frame.