DCS Scoops w/ Zack Siegert: Key KPIs to assess overall success of DCS programs

  • 8 November 2023
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DCS Scoops w/ Zack Siegert: Key KPIs to assess overall success of DCS programs
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Hi everyone,

I’m thrilled to share what I've been cooking up with someone who I remember very vividly as a person who is wholeheartedly always ready to give back to the community, at any opportunity.

Remember when he swooped in to support our Beginner Admins in Training with this brilliant tip

I'm talking about @zdsiegert , the Senior Manager of Digital Customer Success at AuditBoard & he's revealing some crucial KPIs for assessing the success of any Digital Success program. 



How to get there?

  1. Align DCS metrics/KPIs to the KPIs of CS & the Business - it’s a winning formula!
  2. View it from a Leading Indicators to Lagging Outcomes - (Example programs at 00:19 ) 
  3. Engagement data to Adoption/Health Data to Revenue Data - evaluate this over time
  4. Perform Cohort Analysis - Perform this on those who have engaged in a particular program & those who haven’t, in order to show impact back to business.

To quench our curiosity further, Zack’s shared a fascinating example of how they aced 1:Many live events. ⬇️



What to look out for here?

  1. Understanding engagement data - These include number of registrants, attendees, questions answered, post event survey, satisfaction survey. Over time, you'll spot the sweet signs of improvement.
  2. Tracking platform adoption - Notice any changes in how your users are embracing your platform? Compare the features favored by the frequent attendees with those of the one-time visitors. Notice the changes in adoption across your platform to better unveil the health of your platform.
  3. Understand revenue impact - Some factors to consider here are Leads Sourced, X% of customers engaged in a time period. You can further use cohort analysis to compare data of attendees to analyze their NRR and GRR.

Bonus tip - It is also ideal to look at efficiency gains when sending email on behalf of CSMs or scaling engagements via 1: Many sessions, instead of 1:1.


✍🏼What's that one KPI that never fails to help you in your digital success journey?

✍🏼Have you had any interesting learnings from running your own 1:Many Live events?


If you’ve got any further questions as well, Zack’s all ears to discuss more here!


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