Did you ever face a challenge while using Gainsight product? How did you solve it?

  • 2 August 2017
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Did you ever face a challenge while using Gainsight product? How did you solve it? 

We all have different ways of solving/resolving them but what is the approach used is important?

We would love to hear your efforts in solving any such challenges. 

Would really appreciate your feedback here.

We pick one approach and award it 🙂

5 replies

1. Customer facing utilization reports: trying to represent utilization % in graph format isn't an option out of the box.  We send a stacked column chart of the utilization scorecards in an email.  To compensate we populate use another MDA object and pump the current score in one field and use a calculated field to equal difference in another, when reporting on both you always end up with a sum of 100.  

Cascade this across multiple scorecards, along with a custom palette for the object to match your corporate palette and you get a beautiful chart.  Coupled with some fancy HTML formatting in your template and a well thought out survey (link included) you give the customer a branded visual representation of value(at least with our product) with an included means to provide quick feedback which we close-loop of course.

2. Our individual feature adoption targets (Scorecard) is not linear over the Implementation process; starts slow and increases over time.  Maintaining a separate MDA object to assign a specific percentage target based on a customer's size and Lifecycle In Weeks was required.  

3. We do a lot of reporting based on the customer's Relative Week (since purchase) which is impossible to do as you cannot Group By number fields.  Simply transporting the numeric value into a string doesn't solve our problem due to ordering (0, 1, 10, 11-19, 2, 21, etc).  As above we have a reference object which maps numeric "1" to string "0001".
Thanks for sharing this. Iam interested in understanding about your adoption targets use case. Do you capture this detail by running rules for your customers in onboarding/implementation stage?

What sort of actions do you drive if the goal you have set does not meet for a customer?
We have a schedule and associated scorecard for each of our product features, indeed!

Right now the action is very human-driven.  Trusting email automation a bit more is where we would like to be but are wrestling with email compliance, ingesting Marketo opt-in/out info layered with Gainsight's black-hole of unsubscribe data.  Feel free to reach out if you would like to have a discussion on this topic.
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When we did our last NPS Survey, we needed to be able to send emails to customers depending on how they answered a multiple choice question. In the question, there are 5 options, and you can choose any combination of the five.

The question is presented to promoters and asks:

Would you be willing to:

  • Allow us to use your logo on our site

  • Provide a Testimonial on our behalf

  • Be a part of a case study

  • Write a story for our blog or publication

  • Other
The hard part is this type of question populates each of these answers into it's own row in the database.

To solve for this, we created a bionic rule for a pivot to put a 1 in each column the customer had selected. From there, we wrote the data into an MDA table. This allowed us to pull the information into a Power List to send targeted emails to customers based on how they responded. Through doing this, we were able to follow up on what types of responses a customer gave.

From doing this, we now have a better understanding on how to solve for survey follow up on multiple choice/response questions.
That's an awesome idea, thanks for sharing!  We're launching our first Gainsight NPS survey and will definitely need this exact use case.