Do your CSMs send out of office notifications in advance?

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Do your CSMs send out a notice in advance whenever they are going on vacation?

If so, how have you managed to address the scale factor where CSMs manage 75-100 accounts or more?

I would like to hear both from people who do send out advance notifications and those who don't. Trying to get a feel for what is common practice.

Thanks in advance!

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I always set my Out Of Office notification. I give them the email address for our department if they have an URGENT matter. Someone else on the team can take care of it or it will give the customer a time frame of when they might receive a response from you.

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Hi Jeff,  In terms of advance notice, most of the time I've seen or done just an 'out of office' similar to what Sherry mentioned. The exceptions have been for top tier accounts who may receive a proactive notification AND customers with active escalations in progress.  The advance notification is especially true in situations where you're planning to be out for more than 1 week.  

I've also seen CSMs put in their email signature a week or two in advance of vacation a note that they're planning to be out of the office  xx/xx/xx - xx/xx/xx.  I don't know if everyone pays attention to email signatures but I've seen it used more frequently lately and when you're going to be out of the office at least a week.