Examples of Surveys for consulting teams

  • 5 April 2017
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Does anyone have some examples and best practices of surveys that are built to customers to let us know insights about consulting engagements?

I'm looking for generic examples of questions that can be asked to the customer to rate and provide insight about consulting engagement.

I understand that these can be very specific to the company or product offerings but I'm currently looking to get some generic questions that can be asked



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3 replies

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In case it's helpful, here's what we use at the end of our onboarding process. Seems relatively adaptable to a consulting project that isn't specifically about getting-you-up-and-running-in-our-product.

To genericize it a bit, it's assessing:

  • Overall satisfaction and general feedback
  • Skills of the project participants, in those areas where they're each supposed to be particularly skillful
  • General but important aspects of working with customers well (e.g., responsive & clear communication)
  • Quality of project preparation
  • Quality of project outcomes
  • Aspects of the customer experience that you're particularly focused on optimizing for (e.g., speed, perceived complexity)

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Lokesh, you may have already looked at Gainsight's Survey templates available in Vault, but here's the list just in case.
@seth and @lila - Thanks for providing me with the pointers. This will sure help me to kickstart with what I wanted to do.

Have a great day!