Gainsight User Groups

  • 29 July 2015
  • 7 replies

Hi All

Were can I find Gainsight User Groups? It would be great to meet up with other Gainsight Users and learn from their experience. 

I'm specifically looking for one in Dublin, Ireland myself but can't seem to find any anywhere outside the US.


7 replies

I watched a Pulsecheck webinar yesterday and there was mentioned of a Washington DC Pulse Local. Does anyone have details?

There is a LinkedIn group "PulseLocal: Washington, DC" there should be more information there 
Hi Damien,

Thanks for checking in. We're in the process of developing Gainsight User Communities around the globe, but are likely timing end of year before the process is formalized. Would you be interested in helping us establish a local presence in Dublin?

BTW, we're planning to host a Gainsight customer event in London on the eve of Pulse Europe 2015 this October. Would be great to discuss further there.


Hi Anthony

I would be delighted to help establish a local presence in Dublin as I'm currently a member of the local Customer Success Meetup group so it would be good to link the two. 

Also I am currently planning to attend the London event so would be great to discuss this with you there.


Having one in Chicago will be awesome too!
The concept of GUG's were announced this past week at Pulse 2018 !!
Any information on Locations and dates?