How do GS admin's tackle currency conversion to USD?

  • 31 January 2018
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Looking to see how other admin's have solved currency conversion to USD within gainsight, or a load from SFDC. 

Today: ARR is shown in it's native currency in SFDC & then has a converted USD option for visibility & reporting, however that is not an option to load to the company object in Gainsight. I can work on a solution with our SFDC admin team however I'd like to see if there's an in-house solution first.

How are other groups building their Gainsight operations to be able to show only USD? I cannot find any support articles so any help is appreciated!

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4 replies

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Each record in an SFDC object could have a different currency. While in a simple list you could show each record in it local currency, doing so in an aggregated report (e.g Sum(Annual Recurring Revenue) by customer Industry) would not be meaningful unless all the values are converted to a single currency before the aggregation. 

So any aggregate query would have the currency values converted to the org's default currency. In Rules Engine, one trick would be to just add an aggregation like sum to make sure all the currency values are returned in the org's default currency. If you have included Account ID in the show field, then while the aggregation is happening, there would be only one record per account and the final result set should still be the same intended output.
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Thanks - finally got around to testing this one out. First thing I notice in the rules engine is that it does correctly aggregate the USD amount. I then removed the Gainsight Connect loader for Current ARR and ran a rule to update the company Object with what you suggested. I have two observations thus far, any thoughts?...

1) The Current ARR in the summary page now shows the correct amount, but in its native currency instead of USD.

2) The mass edit scorecard report still shows the incorrect amount even though it says ARR is a lookup from the company object. I'm tempted to let this one run overnight and see if anything updates?

Pic 1:

Pic 2:

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Bringing this to a Close. The way this is done is to do SUM ARR in rule setup of an existing customer info rule ->Action: Load To Customers : SUM ARR to Customer Info: ARR. 

After map Customer Info : ARR to sync to GS Connect.
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For 1:

You will have to change the Currency ISO Code on all customer info records to USD. You could do this via the rules engine.

In a "Load to Customers" action, create a custom field mapping to the "Currency ISO code" field and set it to "USD".

For 2:

If you are using Scorecard 2.0 (which is based on the Company Object in MDA), you will have to use GS Connect to push the data from SFDC (Account/Customer Info) to MDA (Company). So the step that Kevin suggested below is required.

If things are still not right, then an additional check would be to review the field on the Company object from Data Management screen and check its currency code.