How do you define 'Digital Customer Success'?

  • 31 March 2023
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The concept of Digital Customer Success continues to be a hot topic - but there’s a wide range of thoughts on what the definition of Digital CS should be and what types of programs/processes fall under this overall strategy. 

  • 🗣️ You might think of Digital CS programs as 1:Many initiatives, like an office hours program covering how-to concepts around your product.
  • 💻 Or, maybe you think of in-app guides that digitally assist your customers to realize value faster.
  • 👋 OR, you might gravitate to online community forums where customers can build deeper, digital relationships.

Maybe it’s all of the above, and more! 


One big thing Digital CS is NOT - robotic, dehumanized interactions with your customers (myself, @seth , and @lane_h had a great webinar on this topic I highly recommend!). And while digital CS is not robotic - what exactly IS Digital Customer Success? 


The good news - we have an answer!

The even better news, you can join @tyler_mcnally & @harshibanka on April 5th for the first session of our DCS Bootcamp series, where we’ll cover how we define Digital Customer Success, DCS program maturity, and help you discover where you fall on the spectrum!


Join our first DCS Bootcamp webinar on April 5!


Before next weeks webinar, curious to hear how YOU define ‘digital customer success’ and what types of programs come to mind? 🤔

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