Looking for a GS *Best Practice* for churned accounts

  • 27 July 2015
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Unfortunately there are times where an account churns from being a customer.   And , unfortunately, there are a couple times when an incorrect account is loaded into GS.

Its simple to find the account in a standard view and delete the account.   I was wondering if there was any best practice about perhaps "marking" the account as churned in GS versus deleting the account.

The account is updated and altered in our CRM world as an inactive customer along with the appropriate notes.   But does anyone currently keep these accounts in GS and mark them as "lost"/"churned ?   Havent yet explored the idea of creating a rule to *delete* churned accounts automatically.  

I assume if the accounts stayed in GS, the views , dashboards, perhaps rules would have to be adjusted.

thoughts ?   feedback is much appreciated.

6 replies

When deleting an account in GS, is the account really "deleted" or marked inactive ?

Use Case:

- churn the account

- delete it

- we win the account back in 6 months, yeah - great job winning the account back.

Instead of loading the "new/old" account:

Can we re-activate the account ?

Can we retrieve/see the history of CTAs and Health Scores ?

Might be a reason to de-activate v. delete.
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Gainsight has three built-in statuses - Active, Inactive and Churn.  In the customer tab, the summary information is based on those customers with Active status.  In general, we would recommend marking customers as Inactive for ones that should not be there at all and setting rules to mark customers are "Churn" that have actually Churned.  Another way to say it is - use "Inactive" for mistakes or customers you don't want included in metrics and "Churn" for those so that you can report on each of these separately.  Generally, marking as Churn involves setting up a rule that will do this based on an account attribute in SFDC or perhaps a Renewal Oppty that is Closed Lost.
I'll just echo Denise's comment. We have a rule that sets the status to Churn, and we also have occurrences of Win-Backs just as you mentioned Tom, so keeping the Account in the Gainsight repository is desired. Also, having Churn Accounts in the repository allows you to run analytic on them to determine potential reasons for the churn.

Denise - thanks for your definition of "Inactive"; I have been wondering about the use case for that for quite some time.
Thanks - appreciate the feedback and reminder of the Express Workshop discussion.

Under Admin tab - (sub) Customer Tab; I see the 3 different statuses and they all show active.

When I go to the Customer MAIN tab and "edit" an account, a pop-up window appears, but there are only two statuses that show;   Active and Inactive.   Any way to get "Churned" to show up in that pop-up box picklist ?
Hey Tom,

Were you able to find that "Churned" selection?

i believe I found a way to get things working...