Low-Touch (Pooled CSM) Model

  • 6 October 2022
  • 7 replies

Let’s revisit the low-touch, pooled CS model. What’s working, what’s not? 

Would love to chat with fellow CS leaders in regards to how you successfully rolled this out. 

7 replies

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Wanted to make sure you saw this, @thunziker !



I’d be keen to chat about this too @thunziker if you’re still keen to?

Hey @Zoe Marshall, let’s do it! Feel free to email me and let’s connect. thunziker@denalintel.com


Great, thank you @thunziker - I just sent an email but it bounced unfortunately?
If you get chance, try emailing mine - zoe.marshall@arbor-education.com

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@yuniyal something you might want to look at.

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@yuniyal let’s invite @thunziker to our webinar on March 28th. 

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@thunziker We have a webinar tomorrow at 10 AM PST where we will be discussing low touch (pooled CSM) model in detail. It would be great if you can register for it. Here’s the community post link.