Making a major change to the Health Scoring - is it identified in the health trend ?

  • 25 April 2016
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We have been running for about 7 months with the same rules and calculations behind our 8 health measure that make up our total health score.   After some analysis, we are working to do a major overhaul on two of our objective measures.   Basically the logic and rules behind two of our 8 measures are going to change.

Therefore, we have a "new" scoring system.   We will be reviewing some reports and doing some tests on how the "new" way of scoring is going to impact our overall scoring across the customer base, but we are interested if in the c360 scorecard view, is there , will there be a marker or indication on the trend views of where we implemented a new scoring system or set of measures ?   Can we add something so its easy to see that we made a significant change to our measuring system ?  

I believe we could add a milestone in each account , but we are looking for some indicator in the overall health trend detailed view ?

thanks much

2 replies

Hi Tom,

Right now we don't have an option to denote that the underlying rules/weightages for populating the measures have changed. This is still only in the scorecard configuration page and not exposed in C360.

In the future however , we are planning to introduce something like a timeline view for a scorecard where you can see the changes which have happened to the measures(scores,comments and configuration changes like weightage etc.).

Hope this helps. 


Abhishek S
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Re: Timeline view for scorecard. I really like this idea to track health score updates, notes, tweaks, major overhauls, etc. at a global level. 

This is 2 years old... any updates?