Measuring CSM Gainsight adoption

  • 5 July 2018
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Hi all,

We are looking to create an ROI of Gainsight based on CSM performance. Our CSMs have a number and we are thinking about looking at CSMs quota performance and comparing it to Gainsight adoption. Our theory is that for those reps that are hitting their number would be the same reps that are using Gainsight. This would then provide an ROI and a health score of sorts for our CSM Gainsight adoption. We've talked about using timeline activity, C360, CTA close % and page views for our 4 measures. Has anyone else created a 'CSM health score' outside of the tracking that Gainsight provides on the Gainsight 360? 

5 replies

Jen, happy to talk about these in more detail. The way we think about ROI is operational metric, leading indicator and lagging outcomes and they are all tied to each other for each major process. For example, assume Adoption Management is a process that you're driving with the CSM team and the way you've operationalized it is based on notifications (CTAs) for CSMs when adoption drops below a certain threshold, then:

Operational Metric: # of adoption CTAs closed successfully in the past X months

Leading Indicator: Health-score (or adoption/usage) improvement after CTA has been closed

Lagging outcome: Net Retention (renewal+upsell) improvement for customer

So, you can at the very least say that customers where CSMs are actively working on the adoption CTAs tend to have higher net retention/expansion than ones that don't have the same operational rigor. You could do the same for Timeline entries - tells me that CSMs are engaging with customers actively. Same for Outreaches - tells me that they are getting some form of digital engagement at the right times.

See an example report.

As a side note, you may want to look at CSM efficiencies when it comes to the GS tool.   If you know or could do some estimation of time saved, that may play into your ROI.

For example (prior to having the tool in place)

- the CSMs had to login to several systems, review account data, training data, support data, PS data and that took numerous minutes (time) for any one account.   And often, not all systems were reviewed.   Now with the c360 view, all account data is brought to one click away, saving minutes of time per account.   One can add up those minutes over a year / CSM and you would be surprised how much time is saved.

- having prescriptive playbooks and CTAs in place, one now can manage the team of CSMs in a timely manner.   In addition, all the CSMs are working more consistently versus Ad-hoc.   One the CSM managers can track and manage to operational data in one system.   Additionally, the CSM Managers can "onboard" and train new CSMs using a canned playbooks and a more organized system approach.   Look for a rough estimate of time saved when tracking / managing CSMs along with being able  to transfer accounts from one CSM to another.  Or call this one priceless. 

just some other ways to think about ROI - time efficiency, operational data available, CSM productivity
How about a simple report on CSM's page views of customer records?  I've no doubt Gainsight is gathering this data on the back end for their own customer success metrics.. can that data be made avaialble to Gainsight Admins?

Never mind, found the relative KB article :-)

Which report is this?  Also, is there a report that shows the CSM's activity in timeline?  if so, does it show how many entries they have or does it just show that they have had activity?