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Gainsight is excited to announce the upcoming release of our 5th book published with Wiley. Authored by Nick Mehta and Kellie Capote, this latest title provides a deep dive into Digital Customer Success.  

The book includes incredible contributions from across the customer success industry—many of whom you can find here in the GameChanger Community! Whether you’re a budding CSM or a seasoned executive, this book is crafted to empower you with the knowledge to lead and innovate in Customer Success.
Available for pre-order now through online retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Target. Digital Customer Success is packed full of guidance on digital-led CS strategies, including:

  • Strategic Digital Transformation:  How to scale your operations while enhancing customer experience using automated systems that maintain a human-first approach.
  • Digital Customer Success Roadmap: Insights on moving from a tech-touch approach to a more robust digital customer success strategy that benefits all customer segments.
  • The Durable Business Playbook: Six essential strategies that ensure long-term success and sustainability through shifting market dynamics.
  • Launching Digital Initiatives: Practical advice on starting, scaling, and measuring the success of your digital CS initiatives.

Plus, for those of you going to Pulse, you’ll also have an opportunity to get your book signed by the authors while mixing and mingling with other like-minded CS pros from the community.

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