NPS: one CTA per detractor response or one CTA per account with at least 1 detractor response?

  • 12 October 2022
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What do you do? One CTA triggered per detractor NPS response, or one CTA triggered per account with at least one detractor response? 

I originally thought to only do one CTA per account, but I heard from others that following up with the specific detractor, and therefore doing 1 CTA per response, is another method.

For context, we’ll be launching NPS to our admins only via JO email (not in product). 


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3 replies

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@Wes French I just happened to come across a note that you just launched an NPS program (🙌 congrats!) How did you approach this?

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Hi @seth! The program we built is creating (1) CTA per passive or detractor response and then auto-sending either a ‘passive’ email version or a ‘detractor’ email version to the respondent. It’s working well! 

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With the caveat that every scenario is different, I do tend to favor a 1 CTA per response approach.

I built this for a fairly high-touch CSM team a few career stops ago, and they liked having each response surface as its own CTA because it prevented an ambush if they missed a late-arriving response. In this use case, our CSMs did have the latitude to not close the loop with every single respondent (in part because we surveyed a very wide group of end users) and simply close the CTA unactioned (with the right Reasons and Statuses). Even in that scenario they liked receiving the CTA. They also felt multiple CTAs more fairly portrayed the amount of work that went into follow-up and close-the-loop activities.

I’d actually love to hear from someone who did it as 1 CTA per Company, to get some debate going!

In any case, good luck @sarahmiracle . It’s going to be some awesome impact to get have those NPS scores and the resulting engagement and impact!