Nurturing Your Health Score Toward Victory - Recap

  • 25 April 2024
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Thank you all for those who attended our webinar  “Nurturing Your Health Score Toward Victory” this week! Our recording can be found below, along with a copy of our deck attached.

Recognizing making revisions to your scorecard is a journey, we walked through some foundational best practice components, the path of maturity, and a walkthrough of the analysis my colleague Mark employs here at Gainsight.

Key takeaways:

  • Incorporate Customer Outcomes and Experience into your scorecard: track outcomes using the DEAR framework, and track experience using listening posts such as surveys and sentiment.
  • CSMs who embrace Health Scores find their work simpler and more effective. Health Scores are not just about indicating job performance but about driving strategies to improve customer relationships.
  • The evolution involves continuous improvement, starting simple, and gradually automating processes. Deciding on outcomes, communicating across the organization, and consistent tracking are key.
  • Promoting a predictive model that evolves with your company and market is essential for success. Take account of factors like ROI, engagement at decision-maker levels, and product stickiness. 
  • Remember, it’s a journey, and starting with manual efforts is okay. The goal is to drive action and improvement within your organization.
  • Find out more about how our Scorecard Optimizer can assist in these efforts as well!

As always we welcome your questions and feedback here in Community. Let us know what factors and strategies you’ve leveraged!

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Following up with a couple questions we were unable to answer live on the webinar:


Q: Your comment on making sure you are connected with people at the right level strikes a chord.  With all the changes across a corporate landscape, how do you all stay on top of employee moves across all of your accounts at scale?

A: In addition to setting up a consistent cadence with our stakeholders, we leverage features including Company Intelligence and Sponsor Tracking to help keep track of key contacts.


Q: How did you set up an  information icon to identify a risk on the overall score?  

A: This involves setting up an exception to your scorecard which you can find more information about here. We incorporate this into our Risk Management process here at Gainsight!


Q: As Outcomes consider adoption, what is your recommendation for Sentiment. Should this be completely non-usage/adoption related? If so, have you been successful with a definition that makes it clear reps should not consider adoption when capturing sentiment?

A: We’ve seen this vary a bit across customers. I would tie sentiment to the CSM assessment of the partnership at a point in time. If the sentiment is low, we would encourage a Risk Process to escalate/flag the low sentiment to address in the immediate.

Adoption should be data driven metrics that are gathered from usage data - mixing that into CSM sentiment could be confusing or double counting a health metric. 

We’ve also seen this measure used as a renewal likelihood score.