Pulse Roundtable: Adoption & Enablement of Gainsight

  • 31 August 2022
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At Pulse, small roundtable discussions were hosted on various topics for the CS Ops community, and I hosted a roundtable about Gainsight Adoption and Enablement with about 8 other CS Ops professionals! We wanted to share our key takeaways from the discussion to the broader Gainsight Community -- below you’ll find the topics and notes from the conversation.

  • Timeline Adoption
    • Create a Last Contact Date or Last Engagement Date field on the Company object to give managers and CSMs visibility on customers that haven't been reached out to in awhile (or whose Timeline haven't been updated...!)
    • Leaderboard for Timeline entries logged, by segment. Shared in a public-facing email or newsletter. Drive "gamification" of Timeline logging
  • CSM Manager/Leadership Adoption
    • Identify a GS stakeholder from this group to partner with you on GS initiatives and releases, so they can support you with enabling the ICs on the team and getting buy-in from other CSM Managers
    • Create 1:1 Dashboards and Team Dashboards in Gainsight to drive consistent usage by managers and leaders
  • Other Adoption Ideas
    • Create a Gainsight SME group of ICs (and/or CSM managers) to consult on Gainsight initiatives and support in driving team-wide buy-in and adoption
    • Dedicated "Gainsight wins" section in CS All Hands meetings for CSMs to "share-out" a recent win for how they leveraged Gainsight
    • CS Ops newsletter to CS team with a dedicated Gainsight section (to communicate bug fixes, enhancements)
    • Chairsides (15min 1:1 screenshare time with a user to work through and solve for a pain point they are experiencing)


Let me know if you have any questions or want to discuss any of the bullet points above further! Hope this information helps with sparking ideas for driving GS Adoption and Enablement at your org.

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Thanks for bringing your expertise and success, @sarahmiracle , and I’m sorry I missed your roundtable live.

I’ve had great success with Chairsides. They often solve a specific pain point or clear up some Gainsight misunderstanding. They also help immensely with the human-first relationship building that’s so critical to CSOps success. When stakeholders see you’re on their side and want to help them succeed, they become even better partners.

I also found quick hit videos were big hits. Watching me tour through ways to arrange a Cockpit view, or seeing how a newly-released Dashboard operates was highly-engaging for my CS teams. These were not high-production value videos; just me narrating and touring live. Bonus points: You can send video links or newsletters via User-based Journey Orchestrator Programs; when you write a JO query based on License Type or other GS User attributes, you get out of maintaining an independent email distro, and you also know who opened and who clicked.