Question: Metrics to predict upsells

  • 26 May 2016
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Hi all, I have a question. I am looking into upsells and trying to come up with some metrics to start to predict this for example in days. Like 'when a company signs, the implementation should ideally take 90 days for phase 1 and the first upsell can be expected after a xxx amount of days after signing the contract' . Now I am wondering what a good average amount of days is from the closing of the sale to the first upsell or cross sell,. Can anyone advice me or share best practices for them? Would be super appreciated. Thanks in advance! Best Martine 

1 reply

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Thanks for your question. I will refer that out to the community to see if others have any ideas on how to advise. It may come down to you benchmarking based on your own data as each customer I find to have drastically different timeframes for amount of days before we recognize them as "upsellable" or "cross sellable". Hopefully others can help 🙂.