Register in a field always on a specific day

  • 18 January 2017
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Hi guys I'm new with SF/GS but I'm trying to figure out a thing.

I would like to know if has form to register a informantion from a field in another one every last day of the month.

For then take the difference betwen months in a formula of other field.

I have an idea to do with rule engin but not clear what to do.

How could i do this in the best way?

3 replies

Hi Olavo:

Just to confirm, you'd like to take the value of a field on the last day of the month and compare it against what it was the first day of the month? If so, you could definitely do this using Gainsight's MDA.  You would push the field values for last day of month and first day of the month and then do a calculation against those two in a 3rd column.


Hi Scott, first of all thanks

What I need is exactly what u said, I need to compare MRR from last month, but do you have some material that can i follow? The idea is not just compare than but use the result to push in a formula.


Olavo Zapata
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Hi Olavo,

The first thing you'd have to do is start snapshotting your MRR every month. You can build a rule to query this value on a monthly basis and write to our Usage Data object -- essentially creating a new record every month. Do check, though, that your usage configuration is set to monthly not weekly (Administration -> Usage Configuration). If it's weekly, we can always create a new MDA object and load your snapshots there.

Once you have these monthly records available to you, you can build a second rule to perform a time-period calculation. You can then either take some action directly, or load this difference back to the same source object (where you housed your initial snapshot) -- giving you each month its current value and the difference from the previous month.

Hope this helps!