Rolling our Verified Outcomes at Scale

  • 19 December 2022
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As 2022 is coming to an end, our team has high ambitions for 2023!  We’re looking into documenting, tracking, and verifying customer outcomes at scale….we’re doing this for a number of our enterprise customers with assigned CSMs but want to extend this to all customers in a scalable manner…

We’re planning to align with our product and CS leadership to create 3-5 “standard” outcomes that our software helps teams achieve and then comes the tricky part….how to we confirm our customers have indeed achieved this outcome using our tool??   

We are considering a survey to users asking them straight up “Have you realized value with our tool?” and then subsequent questions related to the outcomes…


Would love to hear from others if you have any experience in scaling Verified Outcomes? 🙏


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Hey Zack! I did some initial review of this too back when we were building out our customer health score.

Ultimately, we’ve decided we’re not quite ready to launch initiatives for this, but at the time I asked our Gainsight CSM to share how Gainsight tracks Verified Outcomes at scale.

Here’s what I heard from him:

Here is one that is more of a follow up type of survey to secure a VO:
Question asked: Based on the insights Gainsight provides, How well do you know which customers are at risk?

  • I know much better than a year ago
  • I know better than a year ago
  • I know about the same as a year ago
  • I know less well than a year ago
  • I know much less well than a year ago


They also tested out some in-app surveys to collect Goals/Priorities and what outcomes had been accomplished for 2022. 

Hope this is a helpful start for you!