Scorecard: set score where no data exists

  • 1 March 2016
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We want to have as many scores set as possible on all our accounts.  There are some instances where a field is blank or is not eligible yet, but we want a score.  For example: Customer has never submitted an NPS or is too new to have cases.  I tried setting the NPS score based on null luck

Is there a way to do this? Otherwise, my backup is to add it to my rule that essentially defaults all the scores

3 replies

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The enhancement to pull in accounts where no data exists is part of the roadmap. Meanwhile can you configure a rule that sets the score for all customers with the default value and then run the other rule which sets the score for the accounts where data exists.

Will keep you posted on the ETA for the enhancements on no data exists usecase.
Is this enhancement still on the roadmap? 
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Good news, this feature is now available! 

This tutorial on our Gainsight GO website walks you through how to configure:

Let me know if you have any questions after reviewing.