Show Dollars in the correct format in Reports 2.0

  • 8 February 2016
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It is great to show the dollars in graphs but there are some graphs that just show the number and I am unable to format the number. For instance when I do a pie chart and say show values it will show me the percentages on the right in the legend and then the number values on the pie charts but it is hard to read "4355695483.98" compared to "$4,355,695,483.98". and it would be nice to be able to round to the closest dollar. 

13 replies

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I received a similar request today. When we have a report that sums MRR, it leaves out the comma from $333000. 
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Yes that is exactly it. It does this throughout different report types. Not sure why that is. 

Thanks for the feedback. Other than displaying commas, what other data formatting options would be useful to you?


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Hi Sumesh,

The comma is the only thing we've ran into so far. Other things would be things usually standard in writing. Automatically put commas in numbers. If it is currency, automatically put dollar signs in front. 
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I would like the "$" also added to the appropriate spots. It would be great to be able to remove the "cents" and just show rounded to the nearest dollar. The same goes for just showing number and being able to have it round to the nearest dollar. Yes the comma is a big one too. 
Completely agree! We often display bar charts where one metric is numeric and the other is currency, so right now they both look like numbers. It would be great to differentiate the two!
Would like to set number formatting. In excel, we can set the format $3K instead of $3,352. Complete accuracy is noisy.
Is there any update on when we could have this option available within Gainsight?

Formatting numbers - having commas or dots in between digits

Choosing which kind of formatting should be applied (comma or dot, on whole Gainsight instance)

This is rudimentary stuff but helps immensely when dealing with large numbers that are completely unreadable without such formatting... unless you use your finger on the screen and count digits to figure out if you're dealing with millions or hundreds of millions 🙂
Echoing Alen's follow-up. I've had two other clients ask about similar formating.
In addition, it would be nice to be able to choose whether decimal places are shown or not.
To make sure it's clear, we need the formatting to apply when you hover over sections of the graphs as well. Also, on hover, there are some minor formatting issues (space after the colon for group by, space before the colon for the Total).
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It's been a while since there was any activity on this post. Any update?

I would echo Daniel's use case especially (being able to label in $K or $M's). Showing the $ value in graphs is not clean and could be much more concise especially for presenting upstream.
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Here's another minor related issue:

When we apply a COUNT on a Currency field, the result shows in currency format instead of a whole number format.