Unlocking the Full Potential of Health Scorecards: Insights from Our Latest Peer Learning Session

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We completed our second Healthcare Brain Trust marking our half way point of this four part series. As a reminder, our Healthcare Brain Trust series brings together healthcare tech’s finest with the goal to tackle common challenges and brainstorm solutions around Customer Health in a collaborative environment. 

Insights and takeaways from our discussion: 

  • Selecting Effective Metrics: Identifying the right metrics for health scorecards is crucial. The group shared challenges in choosing metrics that accurately reflect customer health and discussed the potential of AI to aid in correlation analysis, helping to pinpoint the most predictive indicators of customer success.

    • We discussed Gainsight’s AI Scorecard that offers Admins assistance in Scorecard configuration recommendations to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of your scorecards. 

  • Managing CTA Fatigue: We had a discussion around managing CTA fatigue especially when triggering automated CTA based on the Customer Health Scorecard. Solutions such as setting auto-closure of tasks and focusing on a manageable number of CTAs were highlighted as effective strategies to enhance responsiveness without overwhelming users. One concrete example was to build the report below to monitor CTAs overdue by 90 days to catch CTA fatigue early. Below is an example of how to build this report. 

    • Gainsight Report: CTAs open that are overdue by 90 days that are likely not being adopted and need to re-evaluated: 

      • Object: Call to Action

      • Show Me: Count of Call to Action

      • Group By: Type (CTA Type: Lifecycle, Risk, etc.) 

      • Filter: Due Date greater than 90 days AND CTA Status (New, WIP, any status that is not closed showing CTAs that are still open)


I can’t wait to see what we discuss in our next session on June 4th at 10am CT. 🤗

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