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  • 29 July 2022
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Hello- I’ve seen some really old posts on this topic but nothing recent… I’ve been asked to report out on internal usage of our GS platform. They log into it via SF so I’m not sure if I can get logins / week - any suggestions or help on what to pull for this type of report would be helpful. TIA!

3 replies

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Hi @donnamcnamara , Gainsight usage data can be seen in Gainsight 360 at all times. You can go to Gainsight 360 under administration tab. Please check the link below:

You alongside other stakeholders can also get a snapshot of Gainsight 360 in an email as weekly usage email(contact your CSM/COM). Even if they login from Salesforce the data should be able to count that as well, given they access Gainsight widget or page. 

Is this also possible in Gainsight NXT? I need to be able to provide a report on how our CSMs are adopting and using Gainsight.


Thanks in advance!


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@Angela.Felicissimo Gainsight 360 is available for the NXT Edition, unless your tenant is based in the EU data center.

More here: