Best way to track customers that came back after they churned. (Boomerang Customers)

  • 11 July 2019
  • 3 replies

I am experiencing customers coming back and don't know how to track them in the future as we scale. Anyone know if there is a good way to do this?

3 replies

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Hi Helen,

Welcome to the Community! I think you intended this question to be addressed in the context of the Gainsight PX product, is that correct? If so, I've changed the topic associated with this post so we can get some input from the right folks.

Also, if you want to provide a bit more context on what you're hoping to do with these boomerang customers, we can hopefully address the question appropriately.



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@heilun thanks for your question!

Could you please give more context around this question?

When you've figured out the buyer's persona and the buyer's usage, the image of the product and is a good fit for their needs each aspect is able to be changed. I've been looking at bikes and it is clear how they designed the bikes to create an experience, and the ride itself creates a sensation. Concentrate on the physical, visual, and metaphysical(how people see).

It is crucial to have your product gets enough recognition in their minds to think that they logically and financially cannot let this product go. If they aren't sure what they need to know about it, then you've created something that is more than they would have expected from their requirements. Different people have different ways to take into account this, however your customers have the same values system that all of us have. The goal is for all the touch points to be great for a solid positive emotional state in comparison to the pricetag/competitors for their value system/requirements/societal view.

The other force competing to this is a competitor who offers a product with an emotional appeal or a glitz that is unimaginable. To counter this, you must develop enough of that into your products. I would any good software for reducing churn that you would recommend?

The essence of your buyer persona for your customer segment when a certain threshold is reached, they choose to purchase without hesitation. When they're just below the threshold they're likely to buy, while further away, they're unlikely. Modify each part to meet functional requirements The whole system comprising the various parts is the fulfillment of social and personal demands.