Cultivating Success: Ideas to measure engagement's impact?

  • 23 August 2023
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Greetings, fellow Product Visionaries!

Let's figure out how to check if your in-app engagements are really hitting the mark and giving value to your users.

1. Eyes on the Clicks
First things first, let's look at the clicks. How many people are actually engaging with your messages or pop-ups? Think of it as checking how many folks took a bite of the delicious free samples you offered at your bakery. If people are clicking, it's a good sign they're curious and interested.

Examples - If you are interacting with users using a
1) Guide, then you can see the flow of users over the number of steps you have in the guide and completion rate.
2) Slider, the you can see number of slides did the user view to number of people who completed the whole engagement

3) Dialog, this engagement automatically marks as completed as it is pop-up and a single page, so seeing number of CTA’s received for this engagement makes more sense

4) Emails, number of opens and number of button clicks should help you understand if the engagement was s successful. 

If you have different button CTAs on email, you can now see the breakdown of each button link in your reports. 



5) Survey, number of users viewing to number of people responding helps you gather feedback



2. Did They Do the Deed? Conversion Time
Alright, so they clicked. But did they follow through with what you wanted them to do? Say you wanted them to sign up for your newsletter or try out a new feature. If they're doing that, you're onto something. It's like getting your pals to actually show up for that movie night you planned.

1) If you are interacting with users with a product walkthrough about your new feature, you can see the activity that the user did after they have seen the engagement using a path analyser.4og8C0OEU_N-zpbZ_T19vraD76hTrgnSNHxVL7fhqASXGHen6werx2YxI0glqEjjSSSjz2wlJsClSmXfz33to-ZI8WFlthT53wCsGecQ84qrLWmRquG-D4Mwj4yuenoxcu7ocMsubJ9ECK9Xv3uUFO4

2) Similarly if you have a product walkthrough, you can even create a funnel to see if the users are actually travelling the right direction or dropping off from the ideal path.

3) If your user saw the pop up or email for G2 review, did they actually click on CTA or even open the email and you can check if they actually leave a review.


3. Hangin' Around: Time Spent
Imagine you've got someone hanging out in your app longer after engaging. It's like they're really enjoying the party you threw. More time spent means they're finding value in what you've got to offer. So, watch out for users who stick around, because they're probably finding something good in there.
Example - Rather than just looking at time spent, you can look at over all impact in dashboards by applying filters like completed/viewed in last 30 days to the following widgets like stickiness ratio or average session duration and also feature KPI’s of the users who have viewed or completed the guides towards users who didn’t interact or overall users.



4. The Real Talk: User Feedback
Now, let's listen up. Users are like the coolest critics in town. Check out their feedback, reviews, and ratings. It's like overhearing what people are saying about your new burger joint. If they're giving thumbs-up or suggesting tweaks, you're getting some real insights into what's working and what needs a sprinkle of improvement.


5. Put Yourself in Their Shoes: Would You Dig It?
Last but not least, channel your inner user. Imagine you're on the other side. Would you find these engagements valuable? Would they make you feel more connected to the app? If your gut says "heck yes," you're onto something good. If not, it might be time to switch up the flavour.

Remember, it's not just about the numbers, it's about creating a meaningful experience. Like sharing a slice of your best pie with a friend, your in-app engagements should leave users feeling satisfied and eager for more.

So, there you go, a quick guide to checking if your in-app engagements are hitting the value bullseye. Stay real, stay user-focused, and keep dishing out those engaging experiences! 

Happy PXing!

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