Having a data export functionality to see what made by who

  • 2 March 2023
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Hey Team, there is a report in salesforce (Data Export) , you can generate, download and see what change made by who in case of more than one admin in the instance. I think this feature also needed if it is available in GS data instance. There may be companies who have more than one Gainsight admins and who worked collaboratively on same data infrastructure. So far what we can see only Modified date and Modified by, but i think that is not enough unless there is a way to see exact change made . This will keep the GS Admin Team Synced on the instance. 


Thank you!

1 reply

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@Engunet It doesn’t record the exact change, so this is a very valid point. I know that Gainsight’s working on more traceability for changes at the object level, but I don’t know whether there would also be traceability for rules, data designs, connectors and other areas that are not “object changes”.