How to include a list of customers with same email address but purchased different products in a journey, that can be sent different product instructions in separate emails?

  • 24 September 2022
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We are targeting customers who have low adoption scores on specific products purchased in the same invoice with the same email address.



  • Number of  invoices: 1
  • Product: A AND B
  • Participant: ABC Limited
  • Email : ABC@ABC.COM

Goal :

  • Send adoption email with instructions of Product A
  • Send another email with instructions of Product B

Challenge: The participant list can only include 1 line with Product A OR B, the other one has been removed to failed Participant list with an error message ( Participant has met the advanced criteria )therefore missing out on the opportunity to send an email to the other product.


Current Uniqueness Criteria :
  1. Invoice number
  2. Company name
  3. Product category
  4. Recipient email address



Expected result: ABC@ABC.COM will receive 2 emails

  1. Instruction of A
  2. Instruction of B



4 replies

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@Tina O'sullivan what do you have as your advanced criteria?  You could potentially add the product in the custom participant fields, and then, add it to your advanced criteria, so the same email address should get it if they have multiple products.  I haven’t done anything like this, but think it should be possible.

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Great idea, @Tina O'sullivan 

Bouncing off @heather_hansen’s idea, I think your solution is in your query. You may need several joins to join Company records with some level of usage on multiple products. Imagine an output of your JO query to look like this. Then you can send 2 automated emails, one for “Blue Paint” and one for “Red Wallpaper”.

Invoice Number Company Name Product Category Recipient Email Address Product A Name Product A Usage Product B Name Product B Usage
1234 ABC Co. Wall coverings ABC@ABC.COM Blue Paint Low Red Wallpaper Low


You might attempt to start with Companies,

then a left Join for Company + Product A Name and Usage

then a left Join for Company + Product A Name and Usage + Product B Name and Usage,

finally filter for all records where you have a “Low” / “Low”.



Thank you both, we have changed our plan, we don’t want to send multiple emails to the same email address, instead including a report in the email template with all product information, it worked.


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Love to hear those magic and celebratory words, “It worked.”

Congratulations, @Tina O'sullivan