Join us for free Product-Led Growth Sessions at the PLG Hub Bootcamp this week

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Gainsight is joining Product-Led Hub Growth Academy this week. If you’re a Product Leader, Product Manger, Customer Marketing, Customer Adoption, a Customer Success Manager or a PX Customers, check out these sessions from our product experts:
(Mention "Gainsight" as you sign up when asked how did you find us)

➡️ Tuesday (12:00 pm PST): Creating the ultimate PLG strategy with @mickey  [free]

➡️ Thursday (12:00 pm PST): Product-led growth for B2B with Yariv Zur from Anodot [free]

➡️ Thursday (1:00 pm PST): Tech Touch Onboarding with Gainsight PX Harshita Banka [free]

➡️ Friday (12:00 pm PST): How to Drive Sustainable Adoption with Gainsight PX with Sarah Anderson from Email on Acid [free]

➡️ Product analytics & instrumentation with @mickey  [Paid]

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