Seismic Integration within Gainsight

  • 5 March 2021
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Does anyone have experience with integrating Seismic into Gainsight?  I am envisioning a CSPM would be able to send Seismic resources to several contacts within an account in GS and have a report provided (within GS) as to which resources had been sent to which customers, when they opened it, etc.  Perhaps GS could “monitor” when the resource was viewed by the customer and create an automated CTA for CSPM with follow-up steps. 

4 replies

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@link_black, @harshibanka, and @skalle 

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I am also very curious about Seismic and Gainsight JO integration ...

Hi, our company just bought into Seismic to share large files with customers - are there any way to integrate Seismic with Gainsight community? @olimarrio would you know?

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Hi @Anitahg 👋,

There’s no out of the box integration capabilities with Gainsight CC, so any kind of integration would need to be done via APIs or tools such as Zapier. In what way would you be looking to integrate these?