Tip of the Week: How to Increase User Retention

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You can use Retention Analytics and its different metrics to drive retention and growth. The ideal retention graph looks like a smile (curves back up) as customers re-engage over time.

Following are some tips to focus on, to increase retention and strive for the smile effect :)

1. Identify Product Growth Opportunities by:

-Reviewing User retention for each segment of users

-Reviewing different usage patterns and identify the ideal customer segment

2. Discover Product-Market Fit by:

- Aiming for a flattened retention curve over time

- Avoiding Line trending towards zero as this leads to a Leaky bucket problem thereby indicating that users are not realizing value through your product

3. Identify users with best retentions and view their product journey by:

- Using the Cohort Analysis metric

- For the above cohort, look out for feature adoption and common characteristics

Armed with all this information, you now can introduce personalized product experiences to guide all users to adopt the “aha” moments within your product ultimately leading to increased User Retention.

For more details, read this article

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