What are the best practices for how often to run rules for a health score?

  • 31 October 2023
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We are currently revamping our health score and the person who set up our previous score had rules engine run every night for the health score. We are curious what other companies do, is it best practice to update your Health Score every day or is weekly appropriate? Any tips or tricks and suggestions on best practices here would be greatly appreciated. 

3 replies

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Hi @tomrbarry. Glad you’re here in the Community.

I’ve worked at companies where we updated daily, and also others where we updated weekly. I don’t know that there’s a wrong answer, and it depends on how taut your triggers need to be to jump on a Health Score concern or opportunity.

With the caveat that either can work in certain circumstances, I tend to favor weekly, all other things being equal. That saves you from confusion or questions about scores bouncing around every day (especially if you’re using a numeric 0-100 scoring methodology). Weekly also can iron out any non-signal data issues, like a mid-week holiday or a failed data load.

More than the cadence you pick is communicating that cadence to your team. If you update weekly, ensure they know that to maximize understanding and minimize questions about why a particular score didn’t adjust mid-week.

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When I worked at Gainsight we would set all customers up on a daily basis.


Rule of thumb, set everything to a daily basis. But, the true determination is how often are you receiving external data. Because you typically have external data setting scores.


If you get data once a week then set scores once a week. If you get data daily set them daily.


If I am a CSM and I make a change to something I am not going to wait a week to see that reflected in the score as my manager could be breathing down my neck.


Also, make sure they are all set on the same schedule and relatively at the same time. To eliminate confusion.

Thank you!