What HTML tags work when creating the CTA Comments through a rule

  • 21 September 2022
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I am creating CTAs through a rule and would like the CTA comments field to be nicely formatted.

How do I get a new line?  I’ve tried <p>, <br>  and I’ve tried ordered and unordered lists but none of these render properly, the html is stripped out.

So I put a period at the start of a new line to preserver the space, and this looks horrible.


How should I be including blank lines in the CTA Comments?

2 replies

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Well, Hello @mary_taylor !!

I’ve had success by not using HTML tags at all (save one exception) in the Comments field of the Rules Engine. The one time I use HTML tags is to generate a clickable URL link. Otherwise, I just use a plain old carriage return in the Rules Engine, and Gainsight honors it.


For example, if I input this...

...then my CTA Comments field looks like this:

So that’s probably not super helpful, but here’s one more possible troubleshooting option: I’ve noticed that within the Rules Engine > Execution History, downloading the Actions “Pass” logs will show you the HTML that Gainsight constructed from your Rules Engine > Comments. That might give you some ideas of what the Rules Engine is doing with what you input in the Comments field.


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Thanks Matthew! Carriage return never used to work for me but I haven’t tried it lately.  That would be pretty simple :-)  I’ll give it a shot!