⭐What Successful PX Customers Do!

  • 23 February 2021
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Hi PX Community! 👋


Many PX customers ask what other successful customers are doing & what their PX instance looks like. Good news! 😊


We did a review of some of our most successful customers, which they did the following that I’m sharing below.


Take a look at your own PX instance and check if you’re doing any of these. We assure that you’ll be even more successful!


Track product usage & user sentiment around your golden features

  • Model the product with the right hierarchy and granularity on the Product Mapper Tree
  • Collect user sentiment of the golden/core features via CES or Rating in-app survey
  • Sync ARR Account data to PX
  • Analyze your in-app engagements / guides & assess how many users you reached
  • If you haven’t already, launch Knowledge Center Bot > Add in articles, engagements, & if possible, sync with any of our out-of-the-box knowledge bases.
    • If it’s already launched, assess how much your Knowledge center usage has grown (% viewing engagements in the Bot, % articles viewed)

Analyze overall trends & sentiments 

  • Learn about user retention by ARR. Industry average is 35%. In the below example:

Below industry average of 35% [less than $50K]


Below industry average of 35% with a spike in Week 7 [more than $50K]



Knowledge Center Stats:



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@alextran That’s a great review!! Thanks for sharing!