Ability to preview a post

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When creating a new Conversation in the community, it would be great to have the ability to preview. I will be posting a lot on our behalf of our company (though I’m employee, not an admin/community manager for our instance). If I post something like a video tutorial that is embedded in the post with code, it would be great to be able to “preview” the post with that video before submitting, so I can ensure it displays to our users as intended.

@alylo when you create an article in the back-end (control) and save it as a draft, on the right hand side, you get “Preview in community“ link and copy link options. Note: only members with Moderator role and above can preview/open the draft link. 

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Hi @alylo! Thanks for your suggestion about previewing posts. Does this workaround by Mireille help with what you're looking for? 


Hey @Mireille Rooke and @Sudhanshu, thanks for following up with this info. Unfortunately I am not a Moderator, I only have basic contributor permissions for my company at the moment. I will definitely ask for this level of permission, but still think it would be a useful feature for other non-Moderator users, like our SMEs who are contributing. :) 

Thanks again, and cheers!

Completely agreed on the point that whoever wants to preview his post should be able to preview it, in the front-end, especially when it is a bit elaborated (adding image, links, formatting..)