Add an option to archive a Program in Journey Orchestrator

Related products: CS Journey Orchestrator, Email & Notifications

Currently it is not possible to change the model of a Program in Journey Orchestrator after it has already been set to Active.

To get around this, our team has been cloning Programs multiple times in order to have different “test” versions before we are able to create a “final” version by cloning the last test. As a result, we have a number of “Test” versions of programs that we don’t want to delete (so we can still have earlier versions), but we don't want to see them in the list of All Programs after they’ve been paused or stopped.


It would be great to be able to “archive” a program so that it’s still accessible to view if we ever want to go back to a previous version, but so it doesn’t clutter up the list of programs used by our teams.

This would be super helpful for us as well as we use JO for a lot of single send email outreaches, many of which repeat on an annual cycle. It would be great to have an archive feature to house the historic version rather than the folder system we have now. Great suggestion Mai!

Agreed we need a true Archive function. I have an archive folder for my stopped programs, which I don’t want to see when I see All Programs. If I filter to exclude stopped, this filter carries as I navigate through folders. So I do want to look at archived programs, I now have to remove the filter, which then shows all the stopped programs when I return to All.

It’s a lot of unnecessary dancing around the folder and filter navigation.